Dr Tali Te’eni-Harari is head of the MBA program at the Peres Academic Center, a lecturer and researcher in the fields of strategy and marketing, and acts as strategy consultant for companies, brands, and individuals.

Dr Te’eni-Harari combines academic knowledge and research with her professional experience to develop structured methods for devising focused and effective strategies

Focused strategy in a dynamic environment for companies, brands, and individuals

A focused strategy is a strategy with a clear and unequivocal focus, which maintains the fine balance between the need to adapt the organization to changes in the environment and the need for consistency, stability, and building trust. Using a structured method, Dr Tali Te’eni-Harari helps companies, brands, and individuals devise a focused strategy that facilitates effective growth and development in times of change.

Consulting for companies and brands in devising a focused strategy

The process of focused strategy consulting enables companies and brands to find their strategic focus, make optimal use of opportunities that arise in a changing environment, be more flexible, and achieve long-term growth.

Consulting in devising a focused strategy for an effective career – how to become an expert

Using a focused, structured method, Dr Tali Te’eni-Harari helps individuals define a focus for their career development, devise an effective personal strategy for personal advancement and growth, and become experts their field.

Workshops and lectures on focused strategy in a dynamic environment

Workshops and lectures on strategy related issues, such as:
How do you choose a strategic focus? How do you build strategic leadership? How do you build and strengthen trust in a dynamic environment? How do you build a personal focused strategy in a dynamic digital environment and become an expert in your field?